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"I got a direct, personal message today from Lotte, one of the Co-Founders, before I went out for a soccer game. It helped me give my ALL and to not give up on myself. I was so happy to get this message, and when I got on the field I remembered what she told me about playing soccer with the love I have for it and crushing it." - User, Soccer Player

"With SunBite I'm able to receive messages that help me, push me, challenge, and encourage me to be a better player and person. I believe that the SunBite team will help me by giving me tips and reminders to always keep going and not give up!" - User, Hedy Darwish

"From the values and culture of our program, I am positive that we will be eager and proud to be a part of this. SunBite is an insanely great idea, especially in times like the present day - Sunbite is EXACTLY what we all need. I cannot wait for my teammates and I to join the community." - Collegiate Soccer Player

“Thank you!! I really like that concept, I think it’s very powerful. Especially since I’m on a path wanting to play soccer in college. I believe as well I’m in charge of this moment and the thoughts. Thank you, I hope you have a great day too!” - User

“I really like this message!! I definitely struggle with what I perceive others expectations of me to be.” - User